Drive-In FAQs

Q: Do I need to provide the vehicle registration as part of the ticket purchase?
A: No, for our existing location there is no need to provide us your registration number in advance. 
Q: What’s included in my movie ticket? 
A: One ticket at £39.50 is per vehicle for two persons. This can be two adults or one adult with one child. If more people are joining you can add on passengers to your ticket. £10 for additional adults, £5 for additional children. (Under the age of 16)
*You can upgrade to VIP for £65 which give you front row access (three rows of twelve). Inclusive with this ticket is one Moët Chandon Mini bottle (20cl) along with two tubs of popcorn. 
Q: Do you have any food offerings? 
A: Yes, you can order food & beverage to the comfort of your car from our NOQ app. We have varied food vendors throughout the event so check on arrival and order pre-movie. We also have snacks and a bar available to order such as popcorn, candy floss and more. 
Q: Can I pay cash on site? 
A: Unfortunately you can not. Our events are purely contactless to adhere to safety measurements. 
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Get in touch with our friendly tickets team at

You can either: 
- Exchange your ticket for another showing
- Receive a cancellation voucher which you can redeem at a later date. 

If you are unable to attend the Event through no fault of Ours, we can offer a ticket exchange facility, subject to availability, if the Event is at a Venue managed by CITY EVENTS LTD. In order to obtain an exchange you must contact us 48 hours before the Event. Ticket(s) can be exchanged for a space of the same value or higher upon payment of the difference in value, within its current run at the same Venue and will be subject to a per ticket exchange fee of £1.50. If a discount has been applied to the Ticket(s), then this will only be honoured within the original terms and conditions of the offer. If the Event has been booked through us for a Promoter then an exchange may not be offered and we would refer you to the Promoter’s own terms and conditions of sale.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adopted a more flexible exchange policy. We will exchange your tickets to a different date or time of the same production or event, provided we are given at least 24 hours' notice. There is no charge for exchanging. If you exchange, your original tickets will become void and can no longer be used for entry. If you would like to exchange your tickets, please contact us at


Q: How can I listen to the film from my car? 
A: The sound will be transmitted via FM radio straight to your car's radio. If your vehicle is not equipped with an FM radio, please bring a portable one. Digital radio (or phone apps) won't work because they introduce a delay causing the sound to be off sync with the image. Tune in to 87.9FM
Q: What time should we arrive for each session?
A: We have the gates open to arrive in your vehicle 45 minutes before each screening. For example if your chosen movie is at 4pm, you can arrive from 3:15pm. This is to help with traffic and to minimise queues for customers when arriving. Those that arrive first will start being parked from the front. Pick your preferred position and arrive early to get a slot closer to the screen. Movies will begin after shortly after the advertised time.
Gates close 30 minutes post screening time. 
Q: Where is the location? 
A: We are hosting our drive-in experience at a newly acquired site, not used for many years. Google and other maps may have trouble locating the site. Our site entrance is directly opposite the Miller & Carter in Holtspur, Beaconsfield, HP9 1UD. You will be able to easily identify the site with our banners and branding around the perimeter fencing with clear signage on the entrance. 


Q: How many people can we bring in a car? 
A: Only vehicles up to 7 people such as SUV's and people carriers will be allowed. Passengers per vehicle must be within the legal limits too so please ensure everyone has a seat in your vehicle.

The tickets are sold per car for 2 persons (two adults or one adult and one child). If you are a family with 2 or 3 children in your household then you are able to bring them all for an additional fee of £5 per child and £10 for any additional adults. We class an adult ticket as above 16 years of age.

We will continue to monitor Government guidance and if any changes are made that will impact the event, we will inform customers via email or our social media pages.  


Q: Do you allow larger vehicles? Will we be able to see? 
A: We will allow vehicles such as vans, pick ups and SUV’s, but do note that for the interest of others you may be placed towards the back or along the wings of the event. We want everyone to enjoy the experience as best as possible and the screen will be raised, but it is important for all that they get to see the screen and stage as clearly as possible. 

We have the largest mobile LED screen being installed in the UK so this will be easily visible from all isles. 


Q: Do you have accessible toilets? 
A: We will have an allocation of accessible toilets at the event too. These will be located in an adjacent to the food vendors on site to allow for easy access and again for social distancing to be implemented. A portable disabled toilet will also be provided on site. 


Q: What do we do with rubbish? 
A: We kindly ask that all guests take their rubbish away with them and do not dispose of it at the event. This helps us operate with a smaller team that allows for increased social distancing and our staff not having to touch the waste. Please be considerate and help us keep the interaction to a minimum.


Q: How will you provide a safe environment to allow for social distancing? 
A: We know how important it is to maintain social distancing right now so we’ve made sure we will lay out the cinema to conform with Government guidelines and ensure we have lots of space for everyone. Cars will be parked with more than a 2 metre space around them so if you need to get out of your car you will be at least 2m away from other guests. We are advising guests to stay in their vehicle during the full experience and to only exit to use the toilets or in case of emergency (see toilet info below).

To ensure no direct close interaction between staff and customers is required. We will need to scan your QR code ticket through the window. All of the procedures we have put in place have been planned with our team of Health and Safety experts to ensure that we can effectively operate a safe experience for all.


Q: How can you ensure the food and snacks will be delivered safely? 
A: Customers will have the chance to order at the event via the NOQ App. Our delivery teams will bring the food all packaged up straight from the food vendors and put it in the special delivery bag to your car. Once they’ve gone you can take the food out of the bad and enjoy in the knowledge that everyone who has prepared and delivered your food will be following the strict hygiene procedures in place. For those who do not download app ordering direct from the food and beverage stall in person will be permitted but with social distance measures in place. 


Q: Will there be sanitising areas at the event for staff and customers? 
A: We will have hand sanitiser stations outside each toilet location, plus additional hand sanitiser at the catering points. All our staff will receive extensive training around the appropriate safety procedures for maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. This includes regular hand washing, as well as the use of appropriate levels of PPE when preparing, serving and delivering food and beverages.
Our managers will be making sure that our teams are delivering the best, safest service to you at all times.