Women's Week!

Women's Week!

Wonderful Women

It is Women’s week! This week marks two very important events and recognition days for the wonderful women in our lives. International Women’s day and Mothers Day. We are celebrating ‘Women’s Week’ to honor both International Women’s day and Mother’s day. We recognise that lots of people are shifting joy between remembering our Mother’s and also potentially not having them with us. By bringing together International Women’s day and Mother’s day we are recognising women empowerment and how exceptional they are.

Mother figures and appreciation

This Mother’s day, let us celebrate, appreciate and remember the powerful examples which our Mothers taught us in their journeys. Setting aside a day to honour who raised us, we recognise that it is important to remember, not everyone still has their Mother. Alongside Women’s Week, we are positioning Mother’s day as the figure you are grateful for. We all have a figure we think of for the moments of ‘they are right about everything!’ and ‘where would I be without them!’ Let us 

Mumtrepreneur: Lucy Beckwith

Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs are female: a gender gap equivalent to 1.1 million missing businesses. With the theme of International Women’s Day being about Women in Leadership who #ChooseToChallenge, it is time to recognise and celebrate female role models that motivate and inspire women to enter into the male-dominated world of business. 

Meet Lucy Beckwith, a female who is pioneering the hospitality industry and inspiring other women to be open about the struggles they face as both females and mothers in business. As a Mumtrepreneur, Lucy balances being a mum with running multiple businesses. She wants to encourage women to be open and honest about their struggles. She believes you can be what and who you want and should never be ashamed of that. It is important to discuss the struggles women face in trying to find a work-life balance. A balance which she hopes to show to be possible if we talk about it openly and help one another. 

The business world should not be a man’s world, it should be a world of opportunity for anyone who has the passion and drive to be successful. As a Mumtrepreneur, who’s latest business venture is a social media shopping app for parents, called TinyTrends, Lucy #ChoosesToChallenge the status quo and is helping path the way for future female leaders in the business industry.

Lucy also runs Celestial Cinema & StartdustLDN, which are immersive events companies based in London, with sights set on going international this year.

4 reasons why Mother figures are so special

We wanted to recognise the day and we have compiled together 5 causes for why Women & Mother figures are so super important:

  • Their love is selfless; unconditional love and dedication without expecting anything in return!
  • They will always be there to listen. Noone listens like a Mother figure!
  • They have made you stronger and wiser; regardless of the situation and relationship with your Mum, it’s guaranteed to have taught you a lesson and to be a stronger person.
  • Always there to support, encourage and stand by your side.

How to celebrate this Mother’s Day

Wanting something different this year than the usual flower and chocolate combo? Celestial Cinema are putting the magic into Mother’s day, for the whole family not just Mum! The past year we have been unable to enjoy the wanderlust of film, and the excitement that a night at the movies creates! The scent of popcorn and filling the foyer and the pick and mix extravagant colours screaming out ‘buy me’ as you wait for your tickets. A Friday Cinema night is something we have all missed dearly this past year. However, Celestial Cinema has got you covered! The full Cinema experience, and from the comfort of home. Enjoy indoor movie sessions with the 72" wide screen and projector goodie boxes packed with tonnes of surprises! The VIP box has been created to honor special evenings and it couldn’t be more ideal for Mother’s day. See below what is inside:

  • Mini LED Projection unit
  • 72” white screen
  • MiraScreen HDMI device
  • HDMI adapter 
  • Butterkist Popcorn
  • Sweet One Pick'n'Mix (250g)
  • Bottle of Mini-Moët champagne
  • Moët bottle toppers
  • Coupon offers

If you want to get ahead of the snack game, and this can be for anyone, check out the Pick and Mix bags which are available too. Head over to get yours now!