What type of Dad are you?

What type of Dad are you?

Father’s day is just around the corner. It is a day where fathers, grandpas and paternal figures step out into the limelight and are celebrated for all they do. Gone are the days of Fathers lurking in the shadows and playing the supporting act. Fathers have really stepped up and taken the lead role in this modern time. It's cool to be a dad, it's cool to play tea parties and dress up with your little girls and boys. Fatherhood is being embraced. Dads are special and there are so many shapes, sizes and types that Dads come in. So which Dad do you have? Or which Dad are you? This Fathers Day grab your Home Edition Kit and your paternal figure and watch these Dad Classics.

Helicopter Dad - Can you hear the propellers whirling behind you? Can you see that imposing shadow everywhere you go? Well, you may have a helicopter dad. They are the sweetest but they worry with every fibre of their being which leads them to watching you like a hawk. Making sure that you go into your friends house instead of dropping you down the road and letting you walk like you wanted. Just looking out for you. Now, if you want to see some helicopter parents in action ‘Blockers’ is your film - A group of parents plot and scheme to try and stop their teenagers from losing their virginity on prom night.

Emotional Dad - Do the pictures that your dad most likely keeps in his wallet of you bring a tear to his eye whenever he sees them. Does he get a wistful look in his eye when he thinks about the day you took your first steps, or said your first words? Does he get choked up when he thinks about the day you’ll graduate or when you finally get married? Then you may have an emotional Dad. Pretty harmless but you can’t help but roll your eyes and laugh a little when he starts welling up over the small things. This Dad type will do anything for their children, a film where you can see this in action is ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ - A single father faces many hardships. His wife leaves him, he is evicted from his home and bounces between shelters with his young son and is financially broke. He manages to get a job as an intern for a successful firm, however it pays no money. Instead of giving into despair, he is determined to work hard to create a better life for himself and his son. 

Nostalgic Dad - How many times have you heard - “Well back in my day…” or at the most inappropriate times “I remember when” and proceeds to tell the most embarrassing story. Then you most likely have a nostalgic Dad. It's not a big deal to them when you can’t find something you’ve been trying to google forever because -  “you’re lucky, back in my day there was no google.” Well thanks Dad, I know… I know. Now, a film where Fathers and Sons are literally living in the past is ‘About Time’ - All the men in Tim’s family possess the ability to travel back in time and now Tim has discovered his new found ability, he uses it to pursue a romantic interest. 

Sporty Dad - Is it football? Or rugby… no wait, cricket? Pick your Dads poison. It could even be one or all of these but you most definitely got the matching footy shirts to your dads. You obviously support the same team, anything else is a betrayal to say the least and he made you attend every game and you watched every game with him on TV even if you secretly hated the sports all together. Nonetheless, you made great memories with him, even if you have to secretly support another team… we know but we won’t tell. ‘The Game Plan’ is a film where an egotistical NFL Quarterback living his best life becomes a Dad overnight when his 8 year old daughter that he was unaware of turns up at his doorstep. 

Workaholic Dad - Forgotten what your Dad’s face looks like because his nose is always buried in his phone? Then you’ve probably got a workaholic dad. They mean well, they’re trying to provide and put food on the table even if that means taking calls at the table and ducking out to meetings every so often during family time. They treasure the little time they have when they’re with you. The Jim Carrey classic ‘Liar, Liar’ is a prime example of the workaholic dad with a funny twist of course whereby his son wishes that for only one day he cannot tell a lie, which as a lawyer proves slightly difficult. 

Forgetful Dad - Does your dad have to set an alarm so they don’t forget to pick you up for school? Or if we’re looking back in your early days of childhood, mum’s we’re asking you - did they forget to pack the nappies? And the change of clothes? Then your Dad is a forgetful one. They’re fun loving and mean very well but definitely do not ask them to bring you something if you really depend on it because most likely it's already slipped their mind. Let's hope they hold on to their memories tighter than the everyday things they forget. The agonising drama that is ‘The Father’ about a former engineer saddled with dementia who refuses to leave his beloved London home and turns away every carer his daughter sends his way. As his grip on reality ebbs and flows he worries about what will happen to him as his daughter announces her plans to leave for Paris. 

Embarrassing Dad - Maybe it’s the embarrassing selfies that your Dad takes from below his chin which he plasters all over Facebook. Or does he fart and blame it on the dog when everyone knows it’s him? Any of the listed and things that can’t even be written down because it's just too cringe-worthy then you have an embarrassing Dad. We feel for you, we do. Even when they’re too embarrassing for words you’ve just got to love him because of how unapologetic they are about being themselves and that's the only enviable trait about them. Instead of playing the “my Dad’s the most embarrassing”, let's all agree that Jim’s Dad in the film ‘American Pie’ is the most embarrassing Dad. Though hilarious, the cult classic may be a little hard to watch with your parents. 

Handyman Dad - Light bulb out? “I’ll fix that!” Leaky sink? “I’ll fix that!” IKEA flatpacks? “I’ll fix that! If you’ve never had an electrician or plumber at your house it's most likely because you’ve got a handyman Dad. These Dads are great, they’ve got all the tools in their kit to fix whatever you need at a moment's notice and bonus points if your Dad wears cargo shorts and has a pencil tucked behind his ear. Thanks Dad, I'll never know what white spirit is used for or find a stud because I have you. A classic film reminiscent of this Dad type is ‘Sleepless In Seattle’. A romantic story where an architect becomes a single father after losing his wife. In an effort to help his father move on, a son calls into a national radio station in hopes of his father finding love again.

Unfashionable Dad - Yellow, orange and blue all in the same outfit? Is it the Hawaiian shirt? Or is it the Kangol hat? Wait, it’s definitely the socks and sandals, right? Whichever fashion crime your father has committed, he’s a repeat offender and shows no remorse for his crimes so prosecution is futile. C’est La Vie… it's embarrassing, our advice is to just grab some big sunglasses and keep your head down when you’re out in public… We feel you, because we've been there. To give your eyes a break from your dads loud shirts why not watch ‘The Godfather’. This classic film could teach your dad a thing or two as Vito Corleone is arguably best dressed Dad in film, we dare you to refuse. 

Chef Dad - Raise your hand if you know your Dad deserves at least two michelin stars. You’ve got the chef Dad it seems. Every single dish you could think of, he’s at the ready spatula in hand. You’ll want for nothing, even if you did want that cheeky maccies he’d probably say something along the lines of “I can make that at home.” Thanks Dad, you’ve saved me a lot of money from spending it on Deliveroo and UberEats. The epitome of this Dad type can be seen in the movie ‘Chef’. After a Father loses his job at a popular restaurant he starts afresh, sets out on his own and fixes up a food truck, to make food he believes. His journey leads him to becoming closer with his family. 

Whether these are your Dads or you are one of these Dads, we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you Dads, Grandpas, Uncles and paternal figures of the world, you’re all brilliant and thank you for being you. To show them how much you appreciate them this Fathers Day grab your Home Edition Kit and and get comfy with these film recommendations.