What is the Stardust Foundation (SLSC)?

What is the Stardust Foundation (SLSC)?

The event team tackling, head on, the problem of mental health deterioration due to industry struggles.

The WHY -

What's so unusual about the new project “Stardust Foundation (SLSC)” from Stardust LDN? They're putting their money where their mouth is and proactively giving back to an industry that has been overlooked and under supported.

 With hospitality and creative careers being heavily impacted by recent global events and the long term effects being unknown, it has never been more important to look after the mental health of those who may have not only lost their job, but their passion.

The team aim to create not only a charity and host an event where passions can be reignited but also an ethos of giving back; in order to save lives it’s imperative to save careers for creatives. 

The WHAT –

In conjunction with some titans of industry, prolific artists and support teams the Stardust Foundation will be hosting a one of a kind charitable event to see in 2021 and raise much needed funds for those in the industry who are facing some of the hardest times of their careers, if not their lives. The event aims to provide a space for artists to rid themselves of the pressure to be business minded and where they can feel safe to do what they love for the sake of their passion not their pockets.

The event will see a curated musical masterpiece, produced and serviced by hospitality specialists who might otherwise be out of a job, therefore creating further opportunity for the industry.

The WHEN -

To further relieve pressure on artists, the team will look to pre-record the artists and stream these recordings on New Year’s Eve with support from a host. Utilising a single use log in system, ticket holders can access this spectacular event from the safety of their own homes for as little as £5 per household. Support from Bam Bam Productions (who look after SKY streaming services) will ensure the event runs smoothly and can be enjoyed by the projected 250,000 streamers on 31st December 2020.

The WHO –

Stardust Foundation is the newest venture from the team behind Stardust LDN and Celestial Cinema, see more at.