Watch Wimbledon and the Euros with Celestial Cinema

Watch Wimbledon and the Euros with Celestial Cinema

It’s sports season. Wimbledon 2021 and the UEFA Euro 2020 (yes we know, it’s confusing) are back. Summer and sports go hand in hand. And in our book, the best way to marry the two is through some great garden parties. And the best garden parties are made with Celestial Cinema’s help. 

Now we can’t all get our hands on tickets to be at Wembley this Wednesday (7th July) when England play against Denmark for that coveted place in the Euro Finals. And pubs and beer gardens are filling up fast which is posing a similar question for us all, where can we watch the Euros!?

We have the perfect solution to emulate the same feelings of stadium excitement at the prospect of the Three Lions bringing it home.  

Picture this… It’s Saturday, you’re still reeling from the historic win against Germany in the last 16. You’ve invited your friends and family round to watch the highly anticipated game. You’re out in the garden with a fridge stocked full of cold bevy’s and you’ve just hooked up Celestial Cinema's Home Edition Kit’s 72” screen. There’s no better way to watch the game. 

Of course, you’re going to need to eat to make sure that energy stays up… You can’t go wrong with chips and burgers in our opinion! They can be customised to suit all dietary needs, so everyone can enjoy them. They’re the perfect food option for garden parties. Outdoor seating is also a must for garden parties, so make sure there’s plenty of them. Whichever kind of seating you choose though, be sure to make them comfy with pillows galore so that your not-so interested football guests can sit back and enjoy the ride. A nice touch would be to add a couple of blankets too, just in case there’s a slight chill in the air.

 Connect your device to the projector and set it up on BBC One/BBC iPlayer. Now you are all ready to go when kick off starts at 08:00 pm GMT.

Euro 2020 Fixtures

  • Italy V Spain - Semi Final 1: Tuesday 6th July, 8pm. 
  • England V Denmark -  Semi Final 2: Wednesday 7th July, 8pm
  • Euro 2020 Final - Sunday 11th July, 8pm

Football not for you? You’re in luck because Wimbledon is back on our screens. Pimms at the ready!

Wimbledon won’t be operating at full capacity just yet. So, don’t be disheartened at not being able to attend. It only means that you’ll need to serve up an ace Wimbledon themed party at home. 

Setting a smart dress code is the first step in creating that Wimbledon vibe. Of course, Strawberries and Cream is a must, as has been the tradition since 1877. The Championships will be broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Two, with access to all 18 courts. So, connect your device to the Home Edition Kit projector and set up the wide screen. Even if you decide to host your Wimbledon themed party in the evening, you won’t miss any of the action as BBC Two will broadcast Today at Wimbledon at 8pm every evening to recap the day’s play. 

Want to stay up to date on when you can watch your favourite players battle it out for the Wimbledon title? Head to the Wimbledon website for the order of play: Order of Play - The Championships, Wimbledon 2021 - Official Site by IBM