Unleash the Laughter this Red Nose Day!

Unleash the Laughter this Red Nose Day!

Comic Relief has launched a digital, family focused fundraising campaign for #RedNoseDay2021. 

Red Nose Day is just around the corner and families across the country are being called to take on a series of mysterious missions, in a newly launched free virtual challenge; Unleash the Laughter. 

Evil supervillain, Doomy McGloomy, has stolen the nation’s laughter and will stop at nothing to prevent families from getting it back. The campaign features a series of short interactive films, each with an individual mission that requires children and parents to embark on a quest for clues and Unleash The Laughter from Doomy McGloomy before it’s too late. 

From the ‘Escape the Volcano’ challenge in which cushions must be used to make a path through imaginary lava, to the ‘Limbo lasers’ which require the creation of a laser obstacle course with toilet paper, these challenges are sure to spark your imagination and make you giggle. 

So put on your biggest smile, your reddest nose and tune in to the virtual challenge to unleash the nation’s laughter. 

And what better way to defeat Doomy McGloomy than on your Home Edition Box? With the big screen, snacks and lots of goodies, your family is sure to be immersed into the virtual manhunt and save the nation. 

Red Nose Day is a little different this year, but with virtual campaigns such as this we can come together, create smiles and raise money for those in need. For every box bought this Friday 19th March, Celestial Cinema will be donating 5% of proceeds to Red Nose Day. 

Click here to check out more about the virtual challenge. 

(The Family Challenge)