Netflix Pick of The Week: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Netflix Pick of The Week: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“Cool, cool, cool,” Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be available on Netflix this week - “Noice!”

After a whole year since the release of season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix, fans will be delighted to finally watch the long awaited seventh instalment of the series. Jake and the gang will soon be on our screens and the hole in many hearts across the UK will finally be filled come the 26th of March.

“No doubt, no doubt” that you’ve already re-watched all of the series to get your daily fix of the Nine-Nine. But for those of you who haven’t fallen prey to the highly addictive series (where have you been?) The comedy show follows the daily exploits of Brooklyn’s 99th precincts lovable team with Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) at the helm, a brilliant yet immature detective often butting heads with his new Captain, Raymond Holt (Andre Braughter) who is on the other hand firm and serious. 

Although, news of the series’ latest instalment hitting Netflix is great to hear, it is bittersweet in the fact that it will be the penultimate season for the show. Knowing that season 7 will be the second to last, makes the pending premiere on Netflix all the more special. 

Season 6 ended in a two-part finale and in classic Nine-Nine fashion on a cliff-hanger. The cliff-hanger in question left fans asking how the team would turn this one around. So, what better way to answer your burning questions and to bring in the newest season by watching at home in style on your Home Edition Box!

If you are using your Home Edition Kits, take a picture and show us your set ups. Make sure to tag us @ccinemauk. See you on the 26th!