National Pizza Party day & Celestial Cinema

National Pizza Party day & Celestial Cinema

The 21st of May will be combining everybody's two favourite loves. Parties and Pizza. National pizza party day is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited. Since we’re able to hang out with our six favourite pals, round them all up and invite them to an epic pizza party movie night.

Now, obviously a pizza party isn’t a party without the pizza, so what’s your favourite? Is it pepperoni? Margherita, pizza with no cheese, vegetable, bbq meat feast or the controversial pineapple topping? Whichever is your favourite you don’t even need to choose. For the perfect pizza party, order a whole bunch of everybody's favourites. 

When you've got the pizza it's now time to work on the ambience, the atmosphere, the vibes. For the evening parties grab those fairy lights and those fluffy blankets, grab the throw pillows and scatter them. Making it as cosy and warm as possible. You can upgrade your movie night by setting up your Home Edition Kit and tucking into those cheesy slices. For the day pizza parties, why not go with a picnic style pizza brunch. Pimms, beer and pizza sounds like a great combo, right? Especially with your Home Edition Kit set up outside playing some great movies. 

Which movies do you watch on your Home Edition Kit? We’re glad you asked. Since you’re throwing a pizza party, it would be fitting to watch these titles:

Seaspiracy - A netflix documentary about the environmental impact of fishing. We think a Vegetarian pizza would go best with this one.

Lilo and Stitch - This family film about an extraterrestrial, from outer space winds up on earth after escaping prison. In order to blend in he pretends to be a dog but his life takes a turn when he is adopted by Lilo from the animal shelter. This charming film pairs well with the sweet and cheesy Hawaiian pizza. 

Four weddings and a funeral - An English classic where a sweet but unlucky in love young man seems to keep missing his chance with the love of his life, except for when crossing paths with her at multiple weddings and a funeral. Why not go choose Four Cheese pizza with this heartwarming rom-com.

Dirty Dancing - When Frances “Baby” goes on a seemingly drab summer holiday with her family, she perks up when she meets the resort's dance instructor who she quickly becomes smitten with and he recruits her to become his dance partner. Her father of course disapproves of the relationship but she's determined to help him perform at the last dance of summer. The classic Pepperoni pizza will complement this classic film perfectly.