Join the Pixar Easter Egg Hunt!

Join the Pixar Easter Egg Hunt!

Join the Pixar Easter Egg Hunt!

Since Pixar released Toy Story, its first full-length movie, the studio’s animators have been sneaking in hidden references to the studio or past and future films in all their movies. 

These hidden references have become known as Easter Eggs, and well, with Easter around the corner, the team here at CCinema thought why not do our own Pixar Easter Egg Hunt and round up some of our favourites for you?

But just a heads up. We do suggest reading ahead with caution, because once you spot one, it can become difficult to stop. You might find yourself on a Pixar Easter Egg Hunt binge this weekend…

1. A113


First up is ‘’A113’’ which began as an animator’s inside joke, but it looks like they’ve been outed! It refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts where many of the animators’ started out. This number is apparently in nearly every Pixar movie. We spotted it in the Toy Story series…but it’s bound to be in more!

2. The Luxo Ball

Luxo Ball

Like ‘A113’, the ‘Luxo Ball’ is another symbol of early Pixar that has wormed its way into so many of their movies. Originally from Pixar’s first computer-animated short film, ‘Luxo, Jr.’ it’s now been spotted in the playrooms of the Toy Story movies, in Boo’s bedroom in Monsters, Inc., in a little girl’s room in Up and that’s just to name a few!

3. Oh wait there’s Lotso!

Hang on a second, is that Lotso, the evil teddy bear from Toy Story 3, in the bottom left-hand corner as well? That’s two Easter eggs spotted in one scene. Surely that’s got to be a bonus point.

4. The Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet Truck

Here’s another one that can be found in almost every Pixar Movie. In their first film, Toy Story, the characters go to the sci-fi themed pizza restaurant called Pizza Planet. Being film nerds, we obviously did some research and found out that this was the original Easter Egg first placed in another movie, A Bug’s Life (1998). Producer, Jonas Rivera, actually confessed that the tradition began out of a lack of budget to create new animated models. To beat the budget, they simply pulled the ‘Pizza Planet Truck’ model from the ‘digital backlot’ and placed it in A Bug’s Life and voila, the Easter Egg tradition was born!

5. Finding Nemo in Monsters, Inc.

Nemo in Monsters Inc

See, they’re easy to find once you start looking for them! There’s Nemo quite clearly in the hands of Boo in Monsters, Inc. But, Finding Nemo hadn’t even been made yet, so the Pixar Genius’ must have been planning this Easter Egg hunt before we even knew it was happening!

6. Is Hank Everywhere?


Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Dory, claims that Hank the Septopus is actually hidden in every Pixar movie - only you can't tell because he's camouflaged. So, don’t spend too much time figuring out if he’s telling the truth. We did spot him however, hiding in The Good Dinosaur. If you look closely on the left, Hank’s just sitting there relaxing whilst Arlo is learning how to swim.

7. Linguini’s Incredible Underwear

Linguini's Incredible Underwear

This has got to be one of our favourites. If you look closely in this Ratatouille scene, you can see that Linguini is wearing The Incredibles boxers. Sneaky right? But pretty cool.

8. Brave in Cars 2

Brave in cars

We’re not sure how they managed to take something from the Highlands of Scotland and put it in the mechanical world of Cars, but they did! In Ye Left Turn Inn in London, you can see the DunBroch family tapestry on the wall, only it’s a car-i-fied version. It’s a subtle easter egg that we’re pretty proud to have spotted.

9. Is that a Lightning McQueen plaster?


Yep, if you zoom in that is Lightning McQueen on a characters’ hand in Finding Dory. It seems that as the Pixar universe expands, the creativity of these Easter Eggs also expands!

10. A tribute to the animators

You might recognise these two men from near the end of The Incredibles, but did you know they are actually based of Disney animators.

Animators Tribute

They are Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of Walt Disney’s original animators who were referred to as part of Walt’s ‘Nine Old Men’. And wow, we’ll be the first to say that they certainly deserve a round of applause.

It takes anywhere from 4-6 years to make a Pixar film so imagine all of the Easter Eggs waiting to be found in the Pixar universe? We’ve started you off, now it’s your turn to go hunting this Easter!

And pssst, we’ll let you into a secret, they’re a lot easier to spot on the 72’’ projectors that come in our Home Edition Boxes.

Tag us in your Home Cinema set ups @ccinemauk and let us know what others you find!