5 Tips to Set Up The Perfect Home Cinema Experience this Valentine

5 Tips to Set Up The Perfect Home Cinema Experience this Valentine

Want to set up the perfect Valentine's Surprise? 

So, you’ve ordered your Home Edition box. You’ve had it stashed away under the bed for two weeks waiting for the perfect moment to bring out the surprise. The other half is soaking in a bathtub, expecting to come down and snuggle up on the sofa in front of the tv to watch her favourite rom-com and celebrate Valentine's together.

Suddenly you realise this is your perfect moment. You rush into the bedroom, grab the box and race down the stairs. Now what?

Well, you can just unbox the kit, whack up the screen and press play, it really is that simple. But with just a tiny bit of effort, you can transform your home into a Celestial Cinema.

Here are our top five tips to get you started. 

  1.   Find the best place to create your Home theatre. 

Somewhere not too noisy

We don’t recommend setting up near the kitchen or the laundry room, if possible.

With a good Wi-fi connection

If you’re streaming your movie, you should set up your screen in the place where you’re most likely to get an uninterrupted experience. Buffering can ruin every romantic experience. 

  1.       Secure the best view

It can be a real pain trying to work out how far away you should be from the screen. Too close and your eyes go square, too far and you don’t feel like you’re in the movie.

You can work out the ideal distance by multiplying the size of your screen by two (how convenient). In the case of our 72-inch screens, your ‘best seats’ should be 144-inches away - around 12 feet. This is just a guide so don’t worry if your living room isn’t that big, it’ll just make it cosier (your eyes don’t really go square).

  1.   Lighting 

Avoid natural daylight

Preferably set up at night. If this isn’t possible, then selecting a room with no windows or blackout blinds will be much more effective. You don’t want to have to squint to try and make out the shapes on a screen as the afternoon sun reflects off its surface.

  1.       Sound

Plug in your surround sound speakers, soundbar or headphones

One of the hallmarks of next-level home theatre audio is separation - setting up speakers so that sound effects, dialogue, and other audio seem to come from different directions, such as left, right and centre.

Clear space for ‘wall-shaking’ bass

Another simple audio upgrade comes from a subwoofer - bass-only class of speaker - that’s designed to vibrate the room. Don’t make the mistake of mounting these boxy behemoths in a cabinet. Sure, you’ll get vibrations, but it will be closer to an unsettling rattle, than a satisfying rumble. Let them stand on the floor, being mindful that you don’t have neighbours underneath you, of course. A good place is against the wall in the corner of the room.

  1.   Prep the confectionery 

Our boxes come with:

  • Sweet One Pic n Mix (VIP & Action box internal link)
  • Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows
  • Moet Bottle (VIP Box internal link)
  • Sweet & Savoury Popcorn (internal link)

But, of course, nothing is stopping you making your own Christmas treats to complement our boxes.

Now picture yourself sitting on your sofa, champagne in hand, as your unsuspecting partner enters the room. What a surprise! You aren’t just watching a movie together, you’re creating memories.

After all, isn’t that what love is all about?